3 Tips for Your 2019 Digital Marketing

2019 is fast approaching and digital marketing is not slowing down.  If anything, it is essential that you create a consistent, well-planned digital presence.  Most businesses have at least stuck a toe in the digital marketing water.  Email marketing, social media marketing, updating your website, social advertising, and writing blogs are all part of your digital footprint.  Here’s a peek at what you really want to pay attention to in 2019 for your digital marketing.      Finding clients with LinkedIn, social media, pimedia.me, social media consulting

3 Tips for Your 2019 Digital Marketing

  1. Email Marketing should be at the top of your to-do list.  Studies show that for every $1 spent on email marketing, your ROI (return on investment) is $32. That’s huge. You undoubtedly know that increasing products and services to an existing customer is less time and less money than getting a new customer.   Use an email service provider like Constant Contact (our favorite) and get started.  Need help with it?  Reach out to us, we are Solution Providers with Constant Contact and are happy to help and pass on a discount to you.
  2. Social Media Marketing is essential and it’s time to get serious with it.  Think about whom you are speaking to and work the appropriate platforms consistently.  You pretty much want to be on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn (Find your next big client on LinkedIn)  Start with one or two and go from there.  Keep in mind that people are less and less trusting of social media channels.  You want to be transparent and REAL.  Who works at your company, what are your values, your mission.  How’s your customer service?  Be personal, present and proactive.  Try Facebook Stories.
    You don’t have to be a major brand spending millions to create interesting Facebook Stories.  Another great idea is to set up a Facebook Group and allow people to ask questions and discuss your product or service. Announce the Group on your Facebook Page.  The Group can be Public or Private.
  3. Social Ads/Boosting is another very important aspect of your social media marketing.  Set up a budget and push out your Facebook posts through the Ads Manager.  Include Instagram when you do this.

Let’s Recap.

  • Get on board with email marketing.
  • Start using Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories – stories are not permanent and afford a great opportunity to grow your brand.
  • Try a Facebook Group
  • Boost out on Facebook and Instagram

Bottom line is that you have to stand out on social media and Groups and Stories can give you an edge.  Email marketing is not slowing down – newsflash – people read their emails.

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