3 Quick Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Increase Search Appearances and Get Your Name Out There

By now, we all know that LinkedIn is the business to business platform. Used properly and consistently, it WILL garner you new clients. The very first step is your LinkedIn profile. It’s your resume online and where people go to “check you out.” Whether they are using Search on LinkedIn or Google, your LinkedIn profile will come up and may be the first impression a potential customer/client sees.

Here are 3 quick things you can do right now to improve your profile. These will also increase your profile’s likelihood of coming up in searches.

  • Your Photo – let’s get real here. This is not Facebook or Instagram. I still see professionals with photos on LinkedIn that are not helping them. Remember, your photo should be fairly recent (within 5 years), and you should be smiling. It’s a headshot, so make sure it’s a close-up of your face. No dogs, cats, kids, grandkids, etc. It’s great if you have professional headshots done; however, smartphones can do wonders these days. According to LinkedIn, your face should take up 60% of the photo and it should be 400 x 400 pixels.
  • Your Headline – titles matter. Be sure to include your title at the beginning of your headline, CEO, Owner, CFO, VP, whatever it is. People search for titles. It’s usually not advantageous to be cute here, “happiness manager”, “culture coordinator”…you get the idea. Use searchable titles in your headline. Then add key terms for what you do. Here’s my headline: “CEO, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Strategist, Digital Marketing, Speaker, Email Marketing, Website Design, Content Writer.” It doesn’t say PIMedia anywhere. Not being a household name, I prefer to be FOUND and that means keywords.
  • Fill your Contact info – make sure it’s current. I talk to so many professionals who didn’t realize that their Gmail was listed instead of their work email in their contact info. Or, they didn’t know that a phone number was listed. If someone is a 1st Connection with you, they will have access to your contact info, and it’s very important that it be complete and accurate. I even talk to financial professionals who didn’t realize that their personal emails are the ones showing in their contact info. Remember to indicate which email you want to be primary. You can keep more than one email in your profile. However, choose the correct one as your Primary. Click the “Me” under your photo at the top right on your profile. Go to Settings & Privacy and then Account at the left. You will then see where you can make changes to your email.

These are 3 quick things you can do immediately to increase the likelihood of your profile showing up in a search. They will also dramatically increase the impressiveness of your profile. There is more to do, and we’ll tackle more in the next article and video.

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