3 LinkedIn Headline Tips

Help More Users Find Your Profile

You are so excited that you thought of a catchy headline for your LinkedIn profile: “I help people create passive income” or “I am passionate and committed to helping business owners have more money & time.” I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade and I am very sensitive to clients’ feelings about their LinkedIn profiles. That being said, let’s review a few things that will help you have a stellar headline.

  1. Titles, Titles, Titles – I know that some industries and/or companies are moving away from titles. Some are even getting pretty creative, “Happiness Coordinator.” While internally not having titles might work and Happiness Coordinator might be the best position in the organization, the outside world is still searching by title on LinkedIn. If you are a c-suite professional, Say So! If you are a Director, Manager, Owner, Co-owner, Founder, Say So! Think about when you search in LinkedIn, are you looking for a decision maker? Happiness Coordinator is probably not that person.
  2. Company Name – here’s another one that people slip up on. I own my company and I am damn proud of it. The thing is, how many people are searching for PIMedia or Performance Intermedia? Wouldn’t they instead be searching for what we do? Web design, social media management, digital strategy, LinkedIn strategy, are just a few of our services. That is what I want to come up in the search for, the services that I can provide. Now if you work for a known brand, that is different. Nike, Transamerica, Travelers, Citibank, American Express…you get the idea. National and/or global brand names should be in your headline right after your title. In many industries, that is a compliance requirement anyway.
  3. Keywords for What You Do – this leads directly back to the above discussion on what you do. You want to put words in your headline that people might use in search whether in LinkedIn or Google. Think about what you would use to Search for your services. Ask employees and colleagues what key terms they might use. You want to have these key terms in several places in your LinkedIn profile. Here is my most recent headline: “CEO, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Strategist, Digital Marketing, Speaker, Email Marketing, Website Design, Content Writer” I do update now and then.

Remember, you want to STAND OUT from the crowd. You want to come up in SEARCH. Your LinkedIn headline is very important and may be the first thing people see other than your photo. Use your title, leave out your company name if not known and use that space for keywords. Your company will be in the employment section as the first one. They can see it there.

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