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The Business of Digital Marketing Workshop

December 19th,  3:00 - 5:00

Join us for this free executive workshop on the business side of digital marketing for owners and management.
Sponsored by Performance Intermedia LLC & Constant Contact.

This is a highly interactive executive workshop that will educate you on the business issues of doing digital marketing for your company.  Doing digital marketing is complicated and expensive.  

This free workshop that will transform your business marketing and save you thousands of wasted marketing dollars.  
3:00 - 3:30 Registration and Networking

3:30 - 5:00 Mastermind Workshop
5:00 - 5:45 Business specific Q&A with David Mayne - Optional
Seating for this workshop is limited

  • Lessons learned by a digital marketing insider
  • How to set your digital marketing budget
  • How to measure Return On Investment (ROI)
  • How to build a digital marketing strategy or plan
    • Your website
    • Email marketing and list building
    • The role of landing pages
    • Internet marketing tools
    • Reporting & measuring success
  • Buying marketing services and management
  • Hire staff or use an agency
  • How to buy website development
  • Buying online traffic for your business
    • Search Engine Optimization or paid traffic?
    • Pay Per Click or Social Advertising?
    • Demographics and targeting
  • The role of social media and what you should expect
    • What social media platforms to use for your business
  • Digital marketing myths, seminar

Performance Intermedia Services

Social Media Posting & Engagement
Social media has become a vital part of the digital strategy for business.  It is not only your “voice” to
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Certified Yelp Agency
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Find Me Google SEO Package
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For most of our clients, training executives and staff is vital to the success of their online brand.  Most people
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Digital strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy
Social media will continue to dominate marketing strategy for as long as you intend to operate your business, and the
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Social Video Production
Most businesses have taken the opportunity to set up websites and Facebook pages due to the demands of the digital
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Content Writing
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Email Marketing
While an active social media presence and professional, appealing website undoubtedly help businesses thrive, these services do not cover every
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Social Advertising and Pay Per Click
Social advertising is the modern version of the newspaper and phone book, but in today’s world that means Facebook, Twitter,
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Wordpress design, website design, david Mayne
WordPress Website Development
With WordPress becoming the dominant website development platform for modern business, we love everything about the platform.  Sure, it has
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Sample Videos for Social Media Boosting

Debbie Harris - Keynote Speaker

Debbie Harris is an entertaining and compelling speaker that people instantly connect with.  Her views on social media and LinkedIn for business are the foundation for many success businesses, nonprofits and professionals.  She has a knack for making the technical stuff simple to understand and delivering the tools that you need to make a difference in your business.  

With a Masters Degree in Social Media Compliance and the Law, Debbie has an extensive background in the financial, legal, healthcare and with business owners and executives.  To book Debbie Harris for your next meeting call her at 702-561-2303.

What our clients have to say…

“Performance Intermedia came to our company’s rescue about 8 months ago. I used to think I could navigate the treacherous waters of social media alone and without the help of experts, you know, a learn as you go approach. But it didn’t take long before I figured out that I needed a lot of professional help, maybe in more ways than one. PI Media, as I like to call them, has increased our online presence in a way I could never have imagined. From their supremely timed and highly creative platform posts to the hard-hitting redesign and maintenance of our web site they continue to grow, with ever increasing speed, our online footprint. My hats off to the PI Media team, Debbie, Dave & Venessa [sic]. True warriors in the daily battle for our customers attention and engagement.”
Tim H.- Las Vegas, NV-
Tim, Bonnie Springs Ranch

“WOW, I have known Debbie and her company for a while and thought that updating my profile on LinkedIn was something I could easily do myself; however after meeting with her, she impressed me with her knowledge and the tools on how to effectively update our profile, as well as the results it will create for our company. She also went the extra mile and gave us useful tools to effectively market our company and services through LinkedIn.”

Renato R., Quick Claim USA

Renato, Quick Claim USA

“I have been working with Debbie Harris since the early 90s in a variety of capacities. In 2010, Debbie reached out to me to be involved in her Social Media business as her graphic design. Debbie has taught me so much about social media marketing. She is an expert in this field and continues to amaze me with her training capabilities in all aspects of social media marketing, to include her expertise with LinkedIn. I wouldn’t have the profile and the understanding of LinkedIn if it weren’t for her training. She is a great communicator and forms and maintains professional relationships with her clients. I highly recommend her for ALL your social media marketing needs.”

Phyllis C., Graphic Design/Social Media/Project Management

Phyllis, Social Media/Graphic Design

“With Debbie’s aptitude for understanding my business, combined with her in-depth knowledge of LinkedIn, together we optimized my LinkedIn profiles to make them stand out in my industry. During our consultation session, she paid close attention to what I was saying to capture the essence of my key skills, experiences and passions. She also showed me how to use this valuable tool to effectively network and incorporate social media to promote my business. Within hours of sharing a key insight offering to targeted CFOs, they connected and we scheduled follow-up meetings. I am immensely grateful for the insights and resources she shared to help me grow my business.”

Cindy B., Global Business Consultant/CFO 

Cindy, Global Business Consultant

“Debbie cleared it all up!

I met Debbie about 3 months ago and liked her immediately. I had been using a firm to help me with LinkedIn. Their instructions and process were disjointed and confusing.

The first thing Debbie did was help me rewrite my profile so it stood out and told my story and unique proposition. Second, she helped me with a publishing schedule so my name was in the news on a daily basis. That includes articles I share, that others have written but are pertinent to my business and to the point articles concerning current events that I write.

In summary she has taken the drudgery out of the task of writing and made it an exciting part of my week. She is the expert to follow in the Social Media space.”

Richard H.

Richard, Financial/Retirement Planning

“I would like to highly recommend Debbie Harris for her expertise in LinkedIn. Debbie is so easy to work with, and in a short period of time she had my Linkedin account completely overhauled, and gave me some very valuable advise on how to increase the power of using LinkedIn to increase my business. I would have never realized the many useful techniques that are available to the business executive by using this versatile and ever expanding resource.
If you don’t realize the potential that is waiting for you with LinkedIn, you need to contact Debbie and realize the opportunities that this business resource holds for you.”

Chris W., VP, LV HEALS

Chris, Las Vegas HEALS

“Social media was something I knew I should be doing for my business – but it was always at the bottom of my long “to do” list. So…just like exercise…. It. Never. Got. Done.

Debbie changed all that! Her hands on coaching process brought immediate improvements to Clearly Compliant’s online business presence. More importantly, Debbie taught me how coordinating the various facets of the myriad of social media opportunities would continue to maximize our online business exposure. She showed me why I MUST STAY ON IT.

Debbie is brilliant, direct, demanding (in a great way:) and has the best sense of humor – which was necessary when working with a foot-dragging business owner like me. The amazing thing – I am now ready to sprint! Follow Coach Debbie’s advice and go for the GOLD!”

Sarah E., CEO, Clearly Compliant

Sarah, Clearly Compliant
SEO Ranking on Google,, website development

Case Study - Find Me Google SEO Service

The first goal of any digital marketing strategy is to gain a Google ranking fast.

Essensa Wellness & Aesthetics ( is a new business in Las Vegas and we took on the project as they were developing the office, branding and digital footprint for the wellness center.  Our first task was to develop the website in harmony with the Essensa's brand and image for beauty and wellness.

The key to gaining a Google ranking was to develop the social media and website in parallel.  The website is built on WordPress, the Yoast Plugin, integrated with Google Analytics and Google Search Console and Read More

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WP-Client is a secure portal that is installed into your WordPress Website. Secure Client Portals & Online Invoicing Easily used
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Debbie Harris: Keynote Speaker
Though busy serving as President and CEO of Performance Intermedia, LLC, Debbie Harris, MA actively extends her expertise on matters incorporating
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