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Website Design

We design and migrate existing websites to WordPress using Elementor page builder.


Our "Find Me Google SEO" tightly connects you to Google's services for fast ranking.

Social Media

We work with all social networks based on the client's needs and target audience.

Email Marketing

Still the best conversion for business communication, we provide complete email services.

Social Advertising

We build and manage complete advertising campaigns using the social networks.

Video Marketing

Video marketing continues to be a high-conversion method for reaching people fast.

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PIMedia is one of the nation’s leading digital marketing, social media and website development companies. With a broad cross-section of clients from national brands and internet startups to local businesses and nonprofit organizations, our niche is driving digital growth and integrating marketing platforms for high-growth conversion.

Debbie Harris is the president of PIMedia AKA Performance Intermedia, LLC. Ms. Harris has a master’s degree in Social Media Compliance and the Law from Regis University (where she graduated summa cum laude) and stands as one of the nation’s most renowned authorities on social media and LinkedIn for business growth. 

Consumer Marketing

We use the most current and innovative technologies to keep our clients at the top of the search results and bring in targeted leads. We work with social media and add video advertising to spread your message and drive customers to your optimized website, which we can create.

Workforce Development

We can help you grow your workforce. We have had excellent results in finding a range between highly skilled professionals with degrees and less skilled individuals who may have the experience or certifications that you need. We create targeted video advertisements to reach your future employees and send them to your website.

Bilingual Marketing

Our team is very proud of our ability to communicate with our clients and their audience in both English and Spanish. From social media posting and engagement to full video production, we help make the difference between you and those competing in your market. 

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Right Place, Right Time: Trustegrity for Business
Business Networking
Debbie Harris

Right Place, Right Time: Trustegrity for Business

Have you ever experienced the feeling of knowing you were in the right place at the right time? Do you believe in the law of attraction? You may have seen a post about Trustegrity on one of your social accounts. You may have even received an invitation to visit a Trustegrity meeting from me or

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Sealing the Deal: Convert LinkedIn Connection into Clients - Debbie Harris, PIMedia
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Debbie Harris

Turning LinkedIn Connections into Clients

Did you know that you can turn LinkedIn Connections into clients? Here are some tips on doing just that. Too busy for LinkedIn? Do you have an assistant who can help? The key is moving people from LinkedIn to a phone call or Zoom session. If you have enough clients already, this isn’t for you.

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What Does Your Business Need Right Now? Grow Your Business with Trustegrity
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Debbie Harris

What Does Your Business Need Right Now?

Helping each other is what Trustegrity is all about. What do you need right now for your business? Who do you want to be introduced to? What would help your business grow? If you haven’t checked out a Trustegrity virtual meeting, what are you waiting for? You never know what can come of being in

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3 Tips to a Kick-Butt LinkedIn Profile - Debbie Harris of PIMedia
Business Networking
Debbie Harris

3 Tips to a Kick-Butt LinkedIn Profile

As I work with clients, principally attorneys, I often notice the same 3 issues on their existing LinkedIn profiles. Their contact info, profile photo, and About section are out-dated and incomplete. In other words, people aren’t able to find you on LinkedIn, and even if they do find you, you will not be presenting a

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Has Zooming Changed Us? The Post-COVID Future of Business - PIMedia
Business Networking
Debbie Harris

Has Zooming Changed Us?

Are we more vulnerable and open on Zoom? If you are like me, you have been spending a good deal of time zooming these days. I guess that word has now become a part of our language much the same way as “googling” has. It seems there are days when I go from one Zoom

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Trustegrity National Founders Group Meeting June 11th - PIMedia
Business Networking
Debbie Harris

Trustegrity National Founders Group Meeting June 11th

You asked for it and it’s coming. June 11th will be our first Trustegrity National Founders Group meeting. If you have been invited to a Trustegrity meeting, GO! If you haven’t and you are a business owner or professional with 5+ years experience, a decision-maker, and leader in your community, ask me for an invitation.

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