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LinkedIn Velocity

Start converting LinkedIn connections into paying clients with our "done-for-you" program.

LinkedIn Coaching

Learn how to get the most out of your LinkedIn account, and start building rewarding relationships.

Social Media

We work with all social networks based on the client's needs and target audience.

Email Marketing

Still the best conversion for business communication, email remains one of our core services.

Social Advertising

We build and manage complete advertising campaigns across the major social networks.

Video Marketing

Video marketing continues to be a high-conversion method of reaching people quickly.

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PIMedia is one of the nation’s leading digital marketing, social media and website development companies. With a broad cross-section of clients from national brands and internet startups to local businesses and nonprofit organizations, our niche is driving digital growth and integrating marketing platforms for high-growth conversion.

Debbie Harris is the president of PIMedia AKA Performance Intermedia, LLC. Ms. Harris has a master’s degree in Social Media Compliance and the Law from Regis University (where she graduated summa cum laude) and stands as one of the nation’s most renowned authorities on social media and LinkedIn for business growth. 

Consumer Marketing

We use the most current and innovative technologies to keep our clients at the top of the search results and bring in targeted leads. We work with social media and add video advertising to spread your message and drive customers to your optimized website, which we can create.

Workforce Development

We can help you grow your workforce. We have had excellent results in finding a range between highly skilled professionals with degrees and less skilled individuals who may have the experience or certifications that you need. We create targeted video advertisements to reach your future employees and send them to your website.

Bilingual Marketing

Our team is very proud of our ability to communicate with our clients and their audience in both English and Spanish. From social media posting and engagement to full video production, we help make the difference between you and those competing in your market. 

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Work Stress and the Relief of Owning a Trustegrity® Franchise - Debbie Harris, PIMedia
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Debbie Harris

Sunday Night Work Anxiety? Try Franchising

How much fun do you usually have on Monday morning? Is Sunday night much better? After awhile, even convenient, financially-rewarding work can tax us into spending every afternoon pining for the weekend or tossing and turning every night at the prospect of another day at the office. Venturing out on your own, particularly in the

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Appreciating Your Audience and Securing Professional Relationships - Debbie Harris, PIMedia
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Videosocials is Relationship Marketing

Securing Better Professional Relationships What do your prospects, clients, and partners really care about? No matter how fascinating and relevant that personal anecdote might be, remember that no interaction, even in business, is ever entirely about you. Healthy professional relationships are just as firmly rooted in collaboration, civility, and honest communication as any healthy personal

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Brand Messaging that Serves Your Audience - PIMedia, Debbie Harris
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Keep It Consistent with LinkedIn Marketing

Brand Messaging that Serves Your Audience Inconsistency in how you message your services across multiple platforms can be just as damaging to your brand (if not more so) as having no messaging at all. Potential clients who are “checking you out” online need to not only like the information they find but trust it as

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Have You Seen Your Google and LinkedIn Listings Lately? - PIMedia
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Have You Seen Your Business Recently?

Viewing Your Business on Google and LinkedIn We business owners often proclaim the benefits of attempting to “see the world” through our clients’ eyes, and the pursuit of that ideal often accounts for a good chunk of our marketing budgets, as well as our time. For all of our faith in the public’s discerning and

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Defining Your LinkedIn Value Proposition - Debbie Harris, PIMedia
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What Makes Your Business Unique?

Defining Your Value Proposition on LinkedIn Whenever I introduce professionals to the concept of gaining new clients through LinkedIn marketing, the first topic of conversation is, of course, what makes their business or service unique. Especially in light of LinkedIn’s recent limitation on weekly user connections, crafting a concise, compelling value proposition is paramount to

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Cold Calling Won't Cut It - LinkedIn Marketing and Sales (Debbie Harris)
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Cold Calling Simply Won’t Cut It Anymore

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRw0JmdnP-chttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHOmBV4js_E LinkedIn Marketing and Sales Acquisition While there are many aspects of traditional business marketing that still bear relevance in the digital age–and I routinely speak to the value of personal interaction and well-crafted promotional campaigns–“cold calling” is certainly not one of them. It is no longer a matter of if but when you should

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